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  1. Other than that bit..

    The Enola Gay is a Boeing B-29 not a B-52,

    Trying to get some positive karma for Brandpowder by some sort of reflective praise ie: “we are not being the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima kind of people” is fairly sad, or desperate…. you choose….
    Many things have a circle R…. pick one of those and leave WWII to history buffs…
    My great uncle survived the Bataan Death March… If he were alive I’m sure he could give you a lesson in human cruelty….

    • Dear Reader,

      our apologies for confusing the B-29 with the B-52. Your comment is thoughtful and made us reflect about a piece of history we know so little about.
      For this reason we will remove the post, as a form of respect toward all the people, like your great uncle, who endured the Bataan Death March and survived.
      Thank you!

      The Brandpowder Team

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