impossible love1 FINGERPICTURES 2Impossible Love

gentle giant 600x800 FINGERPICTURES 2Gulliver

rocky horror 600x849 FINGERPICTURES 2Rocky Horror

spartan goddess 600x662 FINGERPICTURES 2Spartan Goddess

boiserie 600x800 FINGERPICTURES 2Enlightenment

cheating 600x452 FINGERPICTURES 2Cheating

tickle 600x450 FINGERPICTURES 2Tickle

end of black and white 600x897 FINGERPICTURES 2The End of Black and White

In the “Photography, Photographed” project (this is the second essay on Fingerpictures) we kept investigating the limits of paper, only to be surprised by its endless possibilities. The starting point is always a photo of a photo where an additional element taken from reality, let’s say a finger, is placed into the picture. The result is a crossbred image playing between two and three dimensions, a mix of paper and flesh at times so convincing that, once you reach the last image of the series (dedicated to the advent of color in photography) you can’t immedaitely say whether the hand is a real one or part of the photo (or both).

Many thanks to Van Cleef & Arpels, Tom Ford and Jimmy Choo for the images we started from as an inspiration for this experiments, plus two pictures we took from Miles Aldridge and Craig McDean, featured on Vogue Italy. To all of them our respect to their work which we wish to promote through our personal contribution. The Brandpowder Team.

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  1. everytime interesting stuff indeed.
    cool & cult blog, carletto.

    quando ci facciamo una pinta? d

    • Thank you Filippo, fingers are the real protagonists in photography. They adjust focus and exposure and, in the end, click the button. Fingerpictures is dedicated to them :-)
      Come visit our studio. We’ll drink a nice cup of coffee together.


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