JESUS AIRLINES is the boldest Brandpowder’s project to date. We sent a draft of what follows to the Vatican, without response (understandably) but the idea is waiting for an investor with vision and faith. The whole story started with a photograph taken by one of our employees (Bob Gukka) while taking off from a local airport (below, left): the picture shows a landing airplane whose cross-shaped shadow on the airport strip is surprisingly similar to the Christian symbol projected on the grass. The Brandpowder Team got quite excited about the finding. It was a Call, we thought, a revelation from Heaven! And we had to do something about it.


The original sketch on this page clearly shows the liaison among faith, flight and fondness (the 3F factor). Why not put all these items in a blender and create an airline company with a holy message?  Jesus Airlines was born, with a logo inspired by the monumental Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. We opted for a flame red background, to provide the brand with a powerful message of love, peace and brotherhood among all nations.



Above: the corporate image has been studied in every detail. Jesus Airlines’ business cards have been turned into a promotional media, thanks to individual personal website where all employees can have their own fan page. Each card, on the other side, presents a holy picture to make passengers feel more protected.


Above: boarding passes are dipped into incense. Burning is not permitted aboard the airplane, of course, but once home, passengers can extend the Jesus Airlines’ experience enjoying the holy scent.


Above: The main terminal is eye-catching, and spirit lifting too. Jesus’ giant marble statue greets departing passengers and bless the ones on arrival.


Above: (click to enlarge) Jesus Airlines’ print ad introducing 7 Star Class, a service of unprecedented luxury in the history of commercial flight.


Above : (click to enlarge) Jesus Airlines loves customers to bits and it proves it: two flight attendants are provided to every single passenger on every flight. Below: (click to enlarge) The Frequent Flyer 7th Heaven promotional campaign.


Below (click to enlarge): No matter what you heard about immortality, Jesus’ first concern on Earth is your Safety. That’s why each plane is equipped with an individual parachute, gps-radio and a gourmet food package in case of accident.



Above and below: (click and read carefully) instructions for your personal safety include a Holy Bible for an inspiring read. This way you can save your soul, too.


Below: The airplane’s lower fuselages is painted with a white cross. The special fluorescent coating glows in the dark, so that the Word is clearly visible at night. While churches remain empty and silent on the ground, Jesus Airlines’ Message keeps traveling above our head, promoting faith in a spectacular way all over the world.




Young Woman Holding Large Model Airplane

Above: Olina Turtcom, appointed Head of Design for the Jesus Airlines’ project. “I never believed in God,” – she confessed – “but then I started to work with these guys and I was blessed. Now I’m a believer. Jesus can do wonder to all of us, and I have to thank Brandpowder for this wonderful life-changing experience.”


Above and below: Stairway to Heaven is the airline’s label for branded content. Jesus Airlines production extends to music, books, fashion and beverages. The Marketing of Faith is the next big thing, and there’s nothing better than cool products to convey a timeless message in a contemporary, soul-catching way.


Below: we would like to close this post with a sketch of Jesus Airlines’ proposed Lounge & Restaurant, signed by Serafin Maud, an architect who recently joined our Team. The airplane’s body includes Duty Free shop, Beauty Parlor, Liquor Shop and a small Chapel. The Restaurant, called Wings, makes it for a flighty, exciting lunch in midair.


Jesus is looking for partners. If you are a billionaire, and you believe in Him, please drop us a line. God bless you.


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    • Thank you ox
      the BT

      • It’s actually happening, it will be a reality in seven years from now. Once the license is approved, we will build the website. So far, we have 10 business partners showed interest. If God willing, we will successfully launch Jesus Airlines by 2025. And the International operations by 2030.

        • Dear Naga Srinivasa Rao Pilla,

          we appreciate your project and we wish you the best to accomplish your dream. Jesus Airlines is already a reality, though. There’s no need to have two airlines bearing the same name because this would mislead potential customers to a polytheist approach of the brand. India has 3 million Gods. Christianity only one.
          No matter what, good luck and a big hug from all of us.

          The Brandpowder Team

  1. Is is the safest airline despite having the lowest maintenance costs. A miracle. And it doesn’t fly on Sunday.

    • Of course, Don. The new religious path is based on open dialogue among different faiths. Headphones with instant translation, kindly provided by Jesus Airlines.

      The BT

  2. JA Helicopter Service daily non stop from St Peter Square to Creazzo to collect the best bread and wine from Dal Cortivo and the Eminent Unmatchable wine producer Cesar The Great Grape, respectively

  3. Lol hahaha I love it!
    I’m hoping also that you have bottled holy water…sparkling and still ? 😉

  4. Oh! my, this is just so cute and funny not forgetting it’s treacherous too 🙂

    • Dear Kimberly,

      thank you for your comment. Rest assured: the Brandpowder Team came up with this idea with maximum respect and fondness for Jesus who, in our opinion was a great guy who did pretty amazing things.


      The BT

  5. I’ve always wanted to get closer to God, but my Aramaic chanting, full-body stigmata and appreciation of large, wooden crosses have always been issues for airport security. Finally, an airline that will let me profess my faith at 30,000 feet!

  6. hi friends … i like the name of jesus air lines , becuse its a holly name , God bless this Air line & there passengers always ….. Qurban Jaffri

    • Thank you Qurban Jaffri,

      your comment is like gold for us and we accept your blessing. May Life be Good to You always,

      The Brandpowder Team

  7. I have not been on it but this is way too cool

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