canned beauty

Photography, Photographed is now publishing its fifth series. These images, selected from Vogue (the November’s issue, italian edition) include photographed photos by Steven Meisel, Emma Summerton, Tom Munro and Vincent Peters. Some people asked me what’s the point of taking pictures of pictures and I told them this is part of the brandpowder philosophy. The simple act of photographing pictures makes me look at images from a different angle and I always find some hidden beauty and small details that, I assume, were left unnoticed also by the original photographer. I also add my personal perspective, shooting the glossy surface of the paper only with natural light, and doing my own post production. It happens I spend hours retouching an image, just to get the right effect and atmosphere. After that, re-photos (a short term for photography, photographed) live a life on their own.

nose job


tunnel of love


holding the page roof

am I real?

glossy deluge



micky mouse bra


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