Photography, Photographed n°6

scarface 600x449 Photography, Photographed n°6Scarface

big brothers sister 600x449 Photography, Photographed n°6Big Brother’s Sister

you tube 600x449 Photography, Photographed n°6You Tubeless

multiply myself 600x238 Photography, Photographed n°6Multiply Myself

paper on paper 600x800 Photography, Photographed n°6Paper on Paper

king of the page 600x800 Photography, Photographed n°6King Of The Page

in your ice 600x301 Photography, Photographed n°6In your Ice

This is a short selection from the 6th Essay on Photography/Photographed (the whole project includes more than 200 pictures). For  what we can say, this is only the beginning of a journey. Photography can be expanded, sliced on multiple levels and then interpreted just like the exegesis of an antique text. Our aim is to continue on our effort, even if we don’t know where this project is going to lead us (most likely, nowhere).

Last week we took part at the Losers’ Art Show in Berlin. The place was crowded by international nerds, tattooed girls and art dealers wearing designer eyeframes without lenses. One of them, a guy from Singapore who introduced himself as Mr. Li, told us with a smile our P/P essay was postmodern crap. What’s the point of taking pictures of pictures? – he asked. We kindly tried to defog him about the concept of unconsumed beauty, fff (fast forward fashion) and the oxymoron of democratic exclusivity that – all together – form the ‘springboard enemy’ of  our work. He shrugged. He said our theory of messages evaporating from the surface of images must be LSD-driven and he didn’t buy our story about the end of advertising. What’s worse, he didn’t even buy a single piece of our collection. But he said not to worry about it: the art world will be the next bubble. He left without too much ceremony, saying he didn’t like shaking hands with strangers. We sort of liked the guy.

Nevertheless, we wish to thank Vogue, Bazaar, Numero and Poshamplatz for printing the base material without which our work wouldn’t be possible. Contributors to the 6th P/P Show include: Monica Turlot, Jonas Skiawoviz, Luna Johansonn, Pietro Limatelli, Bob Kupert and Lee Hayez. To all of them goes our most sincere gratitude. Special thanks to Jimmy K. for fixing the best midnight tuna-sandwiches during the shooting.

The Brandpowder Team.

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  1. Can you ask Jimmy K. if I can get one without red onion please.

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