Brandpowder already published a few essays on the broken picture : you can see them on Paper Surgery and Photography Photographed, for instance. This time we wanted to explore the topic from a new angle, exploring image manipulation from different sources. The new Millennium witnessed a passage from the culture of pictures to the cult of pics. The new approach is complex and superficial at the same time. It works on a multi-faceted perception where the eyes feast on a visual fast-food. In such process we can’t digest what we see. We just swallow photons. The verb that most commonly describes our encyclopedic thirst is “browsing”. We keep searching for the unusual, the shocking, the original picture. We are addicted to the New and Strange. And if we bump into something we have already seen, we immediately label it as déjà vu. We miss the opportunity and romance of going back to watch an image again and again, dating with a former experience. It helps us compare two or more aesthetic moments in time, it creates several references which mirror each others in a diamond-like reflection of impressions. It makes us richer, and comforted by a deeper understanding. The act of paying homage to, let’s say, a painting we already saw, is like meeting with an old friend, with somebody we can’t stop loving. It’s a pleasure that goes beyond the artistic involvement.

But our world spins too fast to leave space for contemplation. Technology is a dynamo producing sparks of heated time-particles, brought forward by its own acceleration. The digital environment, after all, is not comfortable with the notion of the Past. It’s an ouroboros transcending time and traditions, promoting the illusion of an endless production of images. Incredible and beautiful images. But beauty requires culture, time, effort, sometimes sufferance, beside an anti-modern state of mind. Beautiful images are less common than we think. And very few people are makers of beauty. We live in the era of the broken picture. We are all witnessing the rise of mediocrity, the applauded lack of skills. And along with them, the iconoclastic fire of envy, always ready to burn down the unattainable excellence. We contaminate the pure, we dissacrate the holy, we lower the high, we disfigure the perfect.

As a consequence, photographers, artists and painters are encouraged to intervene into existing images, adding extra layers, dragging icons out of their original context. It’s a world of broken pictures, where shattered content is served on a cold dish. The final outcome is under everybody’s eyes: the Contemporary Art World, where lukewarm champagne in plastic glasses is poured to people who participate into the Big Lie in a state of dumb stupor.

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tumblr nk37zoA8qa1tsbf2fo1 540 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr nq9gi2rZiv1spzh04o1 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr ngadwok5sr1qjg75jo1 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

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AlmaHaser Alexandra THE BROKEN PICTURE


nikki farquharson mix media illustrations THE BROKEN PICTURE

delauney kate THE BROKEN PICTURE


plywood beauty THE BROKEN PICTURE


tumblr mdvd3d9KSv1qlwk27o1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr lx04wzt1q01qlwk27o1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr lxeueh0kjr1qaoe7ho1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr m4hvcsRyAU1qdj0hbo1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mgbhoxiSeH1rwfrx8o1 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mseuqzBlHQ1r7s2kso1 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mmqf67VIia1qi36d1o4 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mn9v5dSncf1qa4iv8o1 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mweecovezn1rubwdfo1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mng559zBmP1s2q8feo1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mpgkapBnIc1qaw0cco1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

hVoet fruitvege 02 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mxpmehflDv1sn6orao1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr mxrbzyJL261qbc9oso5 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr n5onspvCPK1s1b5rao1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr ncm9x4Er5F1s1gcxio1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr nf3tujpFXm1qlq9poo3 1280 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr ners8f0G7W1qf9re6o1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE


tumblr ntg5qbGoSD1qz6f9yo6 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE

tumblr nz05eukhP81qz6f9yo3 r1 500 THE BROKEN PICTURE


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