Advertising should sell beauty, irony, hope, humour, questions, poetry, imagination, love, nature, visions, projects, entertainment, dreams, challenges, play, thirst, landscapes, innovation, culture, excitement and ideas. Beside soup. Brandpowder, more than a traditional agency, is intended as a surreal place where people promote experiments in visual communication, design, fashion and products, at a slower pace.

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  1. They all look very edible to me! Well done to Campbells for delivering that something extra in the soup kitchens due to austerity measures. Top this Warhol!

  2. The Running Dancer

    So damn beautiful for the eyes but not for the stomach ….the mushrooms look anything but edible. I would also suggest a version with male images…always welcome in the dancing world.

    • Dear Running Dancer,

      we can reassure you: all the mushrooms featured in the ads are edible and delicious. As for the male dancers, we are planning to make a beef soup campaign with body builders on it. Thank you for providing us with always cunning remarks. If you’d like to be part of the Brandpowder Team, please send your resume to

      Best Regards

  3. the running runner

    thank you BrandPowder team. i have run to frame the badge N60 and the telling title very proudly. keep running your blog where daily stimulating topics run as fresh water through my sleeping brain, anchored to boring cliche’, removing dust and get me up an running again on thinking …I wish I could have the genius to offer new topics and not simply leave a comment…oops run a comment.

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