untitled ON HAIR.Above: “Me No Blonde” oil on canvas, 55×73 in. (140×185 cm).

I am happy to present a brief selection of jumbo-size paintings from Klaus Kizzinskitz, a Polish artist who is going to be in New York and London (not at the same time, of course) to promote his “On Hair” exhibitions, both on schedule at the Late Art Gallery. Kizzinskitz, 26 year old, is considered one of the new talents of the Art World. One of his paintings passed, unexpectedly, the 1,5 million dollars’ mark at the Shanghai Auction Fair. Half of the profits, he told me, will be donated to support scientific research to solve premature baldness among business people.

hairy 4s 600x450 ON HAIR.

hairy page 01 600x449 ON HAIR.

hairy page 02 600x352 ON HAIR.Above: “Alive!” a massive triptych stretching, top to bottom, for almost 30 feet. Kizzinskitz’s technique involves women’s hair brushes. He also personally prepares oil colors, following the Renaissance’s antique recipes. Below: “Sexy Keratin”, another huge canvas. To have an idea of its dimensions, the artist is the size of the woman’s nose.

long red ON HAIR.

Kizzinskitz’s fascination with hair is not new. While attending the Warsaw Art College, he found inspiration in the work of Botticelli, De Camp, Degas, Kahlo, Truong and Zhang, just to mention a few. “Hair is made of keratin, a fibrous protein produced by our organism. What fascinates me is the fact hair is made of dead cells, yet is the only part which keeps growing after we die.” Kizzinskitz moves his hands while talking to me, filling the air with imaginary volumes; his grey blue eyes look at me as if I were the only person left in the Universe. His work, when you are in front of the canvas, emanates a particular energy, animated by this ‘lively sense of death’. Colors flow like lava on the surface. This effect, he says, is the result of years of experiments and hard work.

botticelli young woman 600x798 ON HAIR.Sandro Botticelli: “Young Woman” (oil).

decamp joseph r woman drying her hair 600x579 ON HAIR.Joseph De Camp: “Woman combing her hair” (oil).

degas edgar woman combing her hair 600x616 ON HAIR.Edgar Degas: “Woman combing her hair” (oil pastels).

self portrait with loose hair 1947 600x835 ON HAIR.Frida Kahlo: “Self portrait with loose hair” (oil).

heads 1 ON HAIR.Winnie Truong: “The Ginger Bread” (color pencils).

hongchunzhang ON HAIR.Hong Chun Zhang: “Life Strands”, charcoal on paper.

hair sketch 600x478 ON HAIR.Kizzinskitz draws hundreds’ life-size sketches before realizing his huge canvases.

mammothhair lrg 600x407 ON HAIR.Above: Mammoth’s hair from the Ice Age. Kizzinskitz bought it from a collector and it’s now part of his Cabinet of Curiosities. He plans to use it to craft his next brushes. “I never painted with an elephant, before,” he said, smiling childishly.

Monica Turlot (correspondent for the Brandpowder Team, Paris 2012)

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