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This is a first in wallpaper design. It was commissioned to us by Klockner&Plintz, to celebrate its 100th anniversary. It’s called “Carta da Parate” (a pun between parade and parete, the Italian word for wall), and it’s printed with natural, vivid colors on recycled, extra heavy, washable paper. This design, initially thought as a temporary wallpaper decoration for K&P premises, was quite a hit among all the people attending the party. They wanted these funny drawings for their office or even the kids’ room. Brandpowder edited a special release of 1,000 10×4 ft rolls of wallpaper that was gone in less than ten days. Our design center is now thinking a new edition. In the meantime, you can download these graphics and use them as an unusual giftwrap for Christmas. Cheers.

The Brandpowder Team


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