brandpowder office

Our main office on Richardson Highway, Alaska. 


Thank you for clicking the ‘about’ button to know more about us. Brandpowder is a creative shop who is developing unconventional projects. We are independent and we prefer to keep it this way, mainly for two reasons: we have greater freedom in our approach to things and we can afford the luxury of not being obsessed by profit and loss all the time. We work for real clients. When we don’t, we invent clients in order to sell our projects afterwards to real ones. Our work is mostly based on experiments and speculation on creative ideas which are later financed and produced. We like to look at things from a different angle, blending innovation and provocation into something interesting. We have fun and we love what we do.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not our intention to offend or diminish anybody’s work, image or idea whatsoever. Most of the stuff you’ll see here is a genuine Brandpowder production. Sometimes we may be inspired by other people’s work; in that case we always make sure to mention the author or the brand. It’s not always possible to get in touch by email or by phone. So, if you find an image posted without your approval, please contact us and we will remove it with our apologies. We hope you will enjoy Brandpowder. Feel free to contact our studio anytime for comments or enquiries. We are not hiring or looking for free lance contributors, at the moment, but if you want to send us your cv or sample of your work, our office staff will warm-heartedly look at it and send you a reply.

Thank you all for your support.


Carlo Muttoni (President) Bubi Kowalski (Concept Designer) Lolec Martini (Producer) Freewheelin’ Chris (Nomadic Consultant) Monica Turlot (Journalist and Blogger) Alexandrja Vorovdzjaka (Digital Assistant) Stewart McKenzie (Private Relations) Paolo Primaver (Head of Innovation) Peter Butu (Photography) Sissi deB (Creative Consultant).

Free lance contributors: J. Angelico, B. Aston, F. Berillo, F. Chadwick, J. Holmes, E. Giammaiella, H. Lamartines, M. Massone, C. Nordak, D. Paolo, E. Sandoz, J.M. Tulip, P. Walter, K. Woznjiak, P. Zampa, C. Zimillo.