This is a minimalist bag by Celine. A white on white that reminds me of Malevic’s famous painting of the white canvas on white background. This is the empty space you can fill with your imagination or, as a humble alternative, leave it as it is, completely untouched.

Fashion adopts themes from other forms of art even when art has nothing to say. Another good example is the white book by unknown artist (well, this guy must be a master in understatement) where pages are tied up by strings. Kind of kinky, if you look at it as a BDSM instruction manual of unwritten rules.

The unreadable book becomes the unwatchable canvas and the invisible act. Celine, by doing a white bag with no frills other than the evident function of being a container of lipstick, i-phone, candies, tampons and parfums, plus an innumerable list of useless things, make a stark statement: fashion is silent. Pure snow falling over white trees, cocaine on flour, sugar on salt, cotton flakes on white bedsheets. What a wonderful thing!

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