Brandpowder received a brief by Mr Enrico Giraudi, a former strategic planner from JWT, for the launch of a new product in the wine & spirits’ market. The client was almost considering to drop the project and money was too tight to mention. But Brandpowder took it, as usual, as a challenge, the start up was led by two enthusiastic friends with a passion for distillates and a great culture in botanical brewing. And the business model was brilliant. These two friends found out that at the end of XIX century, there was a massive immigration of Japanese people in Peru. They brought their culture, food, plants and spices along with them, to put roots into a foreign land they could feel a bit like home.

The Nikkei culture was born. A fusion of Japanese and South American flavors that gave birth to ceviche, sour fish and sushi tropics.

Brandpowder, working shoulder to shoulder with Mr Giraudi, came up with this idea of merging cultures through strong key visuals, combining two worlds apparently at the antipodes. We came up with a simple name, AMARGO NIKKEI, just to have a stronghold on the category, and we decided to go for a flamboyant, opulent bottle. The Sumo wrestler holding two tropical parrots came out as the natural synthesis of such strategy. One of the guys liked it so much he tattooed the logo on his right arm.

The communication campaign features all sort of cultural fusion between these two worlds. The quality of the product, a distillate of 25 herbs from exotic places like Japan, Peru, Brazil and God knows where else, is mindblowing. Sipping Amargo Nikkei from a small, gold rimmed glass at the end of a hearty meal, is an experience escaping definition. But we are pretty sure Amargo Nikkei is going to set a new standard in the distillate category of after-meal spirits.

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