Your dog is stressed? Demotivated? Hanging around thinking he’s leading a dog’s life? Give him a Bubble Zoo, the chewing gum specifically produced for your pet, as well as for many other animals. Brandpowder is well aware of animals’ rights; that’s why we developed a product to give them all a good chew.

Bubble Zoo is sugar free, it doesn’t stick to their teeth and, given the animals’ lack of proper lips, it’s also very easy to inflate. We tested our product on several species, and we found out animals love chewing gum and, most of all, love to make bubbles.

Napoleon is a real master. He gets a kick by pinching the bubbles with his claws.

All cows are natural chewer, of course, and very good bubble makers.

Monti, a very old donkey, finally managed to make his own bubble.

Only 50% of bats can make bubbles. But all of them get addicted to Bubbles Zoo.

We found out tree frogs are flamboyant bubblers and make a lot of noise too.

During mating season, a Bubble Zoo can be a kinky ice breaker among bull frogs.

Birds are hopeless. Their beck makes it very hard to inflate a bubble without puncturing it. Brandpowder is studying a “run-flat” bubble for them.

Since the Animal Kingdom varies in size, Brandpowder developed a full range of chewing gums, from the chubby 3-lbs. elephant portion to the very tiny squirrel gum. New micro-size gums for ants and spiders are at study, at the moment.

Above: Bubu, a young grizzly bear who often comes visiting our offices, asks for a treat. He loves Bubble Zoo chewing gums. And we hope your pets will love them too.


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Chris Lawreply
May 3, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Absolutely brilliant concept. The best posting of a great idea in some time. I have been trying out something not so disimilar here in Scotland till the Animal rights movement got wind of it. Animals love whisky jelly and boy can they have a party. Rats gobble up Glenfiddich 18 years old raspberry jelly like its out of fashion and look to me as if they start dancing. However, I made Ardbeg 1975 mousse for my mice and they were not impressed. They prefer the 1978.

May 3, 2012 at 9:23 PM
– In reply to: Chris Law

Thank hou Chris,
We have appreciated your comment and fantastic ideas about animals drinking whisky. Would you like to contribute regularly to brandpowder’s inconclusive projects? If so, drop us aline. By the way, have you noticed the cat in our post? Does he look familiar to you?

Best from the Brandpowder Team

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