The Brain Research Institute of Baltimore asked Brandpowder an unconventional way to promote its scientific progress in neuronal electric pattern to a wider audience. They wanted to raise public awareness and interest in a field of medicine that is generally little understood and appreciated. If you give credit to Prof. Chris Banglewood, head of research at the B.R.I.B. “Neurological patterns are exciting!” and we may agree about that. On the other hand, he reckons, people prefer to watch cable tv and go to the movies, rather than developing a passion for synapsis or the role of potassium in mental data transfer. We told him not to worry about it and we asked a couple of weeks to think about it.  At the end, we came up with Brainscapes, an imaginary land where computer-generated images of neuronal activity are integrated into everyday scenes. The high definition brain maps were already fascinating for a start, to us. We thought it’s simply amazing to realize, while looking at brain’s CG pictures, that your mind is looking at itself. It’s awkward to think that our brain is actually studying its own mystery and origin. We admit technology keeps impressing us with such compelling imagery. And science is getting more and more entertaining, fascinating us with highly detailed, colorful pictures of our body, revealing its intricate wiring and utter complexity. But the mind-blowing concept of one hundred billion neurons and over one thousand trillion synapsis can’t be represented, of course. What we look at – of course –  is as simplified, symbolic version of the human brain. So we decided to respect this synthesis, giving the colorful brain maps a children book style context. The brain is dominating a black and white landscape where human beings are busy with their life. The mind is the giant, colorful tree from where every human progress is born. We are the flower, the fruit, the autumn leaves of our own thinking. Prof. Banglewood was enthusiastic about our artwork and he’s now thinking to place a giant billboard on Highway 40. “I simply want people to know how wonderful is their mind! And yours, too!”.





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Lee Chang Hungreply
March 4, 2021 at 5:16 AM

Hi, Are these Brainard drawings for sale?

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