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CRAZY! It’s something crazy but, yeah, finally you’ll be able to call the aliens from your iPhone! If you think it’s a joke, it’s not. Brandpowder recently announced ALIENATED ©, a revolutionary app developed with the assistance of Nasa and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of Boston. ALIENATED © turns your iPhone into your own Cosmic Antenna.

The technology behind it involves the interecption of cosmic particles and…play dough! Yes, the Play-Doh or Pongo you played with as a child. You might like to know that play dough is just made of flour, water, salt, boric acid, mineral oil and cream of tartar, has excellent conductivity and happens to be the cheapest alternative to ICP, an expensive conductive polymer which only the aerospace industry can afford. But let’s skip the boring stuff. Brandpowder just wants to show you how to build your own intergalactic transponder for less than 10 dollars!

Read the following instructions. And get ready for interstellar free calls.

IAR brandpowder1pongo

First thing: buy a pack of 10-color play dough, unwrap it and expose it to the starry sky for one night. The paste will charge itself like a battery. Play dough, in fact, works like a plastic thermionic, a ceramic-based material also used by Space Shuttle to absorb the radiation coming from cosmic particles.

IAR brandpowder2roll

Step two: gently roll the play dough under your fingers until you obtain a 25-inch string.

IAR brandpowder3roll2

Step three: repeat the same procedure for every color. All strings must be the same length in order to work properly.

IAR brandpowder4all

Step four: Bend each string into a coil. Then place them all into a clean plastic tray and expose them for another night. The dough will absorb extra subatomic energy from the sky.

IAR brandpowder5wavingpink

Step five: Unroll the exposed coils and, starting with the White and Pink, weave the strings together as shown above.

IAR brandpowder6zthreaded

Step six: repeat the same process. Couple the Red with the Yellow, then Orange with Green, Blue with Brown and Black with Beige. Please note: alternative combinations may compromize the full power of your transponder.

IAR brandpowder8coupled

Detail: here’s how your double strings should look like, when properly coupled and weaved.

IAR brandpowder9cupledbis

Step seven: weave the Red/Yellow with the Blue/Brown, and the White/Pink with the Green/Orange strings. Be careful not to invert the polarities because your play dough, by now, is already charged with cosmic particles.

IAR brandpowder9w spin3

Step eight: place the Black/Beige double string around the previously woven cables. Make sure each string is in one piece because you don’t want broken chains to interrupt the flow.

IAR brandpowder9xbundle

Above: here’s how your hank should look like, at the end. But we are not finished yet!

IAR brandpowder9ysqueeze

Step nine: gently sqeeze the hank into a lump. If you need to interrupt your work, remember to cover the dough with a damp cloth to preserve the right humidity.

IAR brandpowder9gdildo

Step ten: gradually push and press the dough with your fingers to obtain an elongated, compact lump.

IAR brandpowder9mdildo

Step ten/bis:: in the making, do not be distracted by the possibility of creating a colorful dildo. Play dough is not suitable for sex toys.

IAR brandpowder10stronzoid

Step eleven: twist the dough into a spyral. Be careful not to crackle the paste. You want a solid, smooth surface.

IAR brandpowder9zgin

Step twelwe: you might think this is a weird add on, but gin really helps people to get more sociable. If you pour a spoon of Gordon’s Gin to your dough and work it out until it’s completely absorbed, your transponder will work a lot better.

IAR brandpowder11stronzoid

Step thirteen: shape the play dough like a triple boulder so that – by breaking the colors – you generate more potential difference for your electric field. Then shape it again and roll it into a sphere.

IAR brandpowder15legend

Above: a chromatic map showing how fields of conductive materials, magma pulp, chromium and gumma layers interact with AF and its plastic feroids, creating the so called Ozone Sandwich, the “chemical brick” which triggers interstellar radio waves. USWC (ultra-short wave catcher) acts as a balancer. The amorphous tar is a reaction’s by product. Blotter works as an insulator.

IAR brandpowder12 plug

Step fourteen: connect your iPhone to the dough through an Apple 30-pin plug. Please, note: You need to get a double 30-pin plug. One goes into your iPhone, the other into the play dough. IMPORTANT: your iPhone must be switched off while you operate the connection.

IAR brandpowder13connect

Step fifteen: everything is now ready for your first intergalactic call. Switch on your iPhone and download the free ALIENATED © app from the Apple store. It will take a couple of minutes. When the software asks you to accept the terms and conditions for outer space communication, press the green button.

IAR brandpowder14coverbis

Ready! Use ALIENATED © to connect to other worlds and chat with distant civilizations for free. If you have troubles while connecting your iPhone with the play dough transponder, or you hear a popping sound with background static noise during conversations, please visit the Apple website and ask for assistance. Thank you and have fun!

The Brandpowder Team

NOTE: for your convenience, we publish here a useful map of the Milky Way designed by Samuel Arbesman. It’s simple and brilliant. Have a safe journey!

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