Patent 00000027: and God created woman.

Our readers would excuse us if, this time, Creativity and Good Design goes metaphysical, focusing on some unusual aspects of copyright and ownership. We’d like to begin with a simple thought: God is the owner and inventor of everything. Our second thought, which is a consequence of the first one, is that we are just borrowers of things. We don’t actually own a single thing. Not even our body, which is a disposable item with an expiration date. That’s why the majority of us is so attached to stuff and we claim material and intellectual property over things: because we are afraid of death. Now, let’s assume that God, while creating the Universe with inexaustible fantasy and talent, considered for a second to copyright every single thing. Wouldn’t the world had been a sad, ugly place to live in? Just imagine a copyright symbol stamped on everything – from atoms to oranges, from flowers to raindrops – all things bearing the ® of Lord. Imagine the infinite series of lawsuits filed by God against all of us for using His world without asking permission, or for infringing the copyright. Fortunately, He didn’t do it. In His tremendous generosity, He just created an immense playground for us to enjoy. Then He left (or we left Him, depending on your point of view). This fact should make us all reflect upon what is ours, really. The Brandpowder Team is glad to post here a visual experiment on Surreal Ownership, as a way to look at creativity, marketing and even philosophy under a new prism.

God’s Patents 20334995, 453392332 and 23002391D: the blue sky, the seagull and the high altitude, dissolving cirrus.

God’s Patent 91120034857: the globe artichokes.

God’s Patents 271122300, 573920204, 475402183, 475449010 and 339120032: the altostratus, the island, the iceberg, the seawater and the nordic light.

God’s Patents 093445711, 94825565834, 384500019, 394302104 and 21113097: the saltwater lake, the cliff, the morning fog, the mountain peak and the light blue sky.

God’s Patents 79758554, 566540322, 1120212307, 55769211F and 998961244: the sandy plateau, the shadow, the boulder, the geyser and the crystal clear sky.

God’s Patents 40069194, 5059432, 00593039278, 038475573 and 57678321H: the forest’s bush, the fire, the driftwood, the soil and the night.

God’s Patents 7187237, 9082971, 6565382, 34955540, 464564372, 0943820, 7831643, 0039384, 2736421038, 3732392, 373762119, 0437597311N, 548290573941 and 676430111K: the grassfield, the bistort, the wintergreen, the alpenrose, the aster, the bartsia, the alpine aven, the calamint, the butterwort, the toadflax, the alpine daisy, the hawkweed, the french honeysuckle, the golden hawk’s beard.

God’s Patents 3190923, 7294532, 01947591, 018423434, 0998991, 1213002, 3452177 and 558812F: the very pale blue sky, the red ants’ underground nest, the camelthorn bush, the giant acacia, the riverbed, the igneous rock and the barren hill.

God’s Patents 0674493222, 8879943220K, 0033391823 and 00000032: the reflecting property of water, the krill, the whale shark, and the ocean.

God’s Patents 0000000001, 00000000011 and 0000045611922: Darkness,  planet Earth and the Moon. Light, as you have guessed, was not His first, but His second invention.

God’s Patents 000000073, 0092384735, 00393847332, 001982832, 001211373, 0000000006 and 0000411256: the expanding universe, the gaseous nebula, the column of cosmic dust, the white star, the helium, the dark matter and the quasar.

God’s Patents 910827346745 and 0000004972: the fig’s leaf and the idea of Creation itself.

The Brandpower’s symbol: a non-trademark, anti-marketing approach to things.


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Chris lawreply
July 11, 2012 at 11:27 PM

Hmmm a few challenges for me here but you might say I am splitting hairs. Firstly god is dead or at least never existed. If he/she/it did then whose god do we measure by. Secondly if we don’t own anything even our bodies then logic suggests we don’t own our thoughts ideas and consciousness. Therefore nothing exists let alone be owned. And what is r in a circle , I thought copyright was a c in a circle. . Joke: Descartes goes to a cafe and asks for a coffee. The owner replies”do you want sugar, to which Descartes says ” I think not” and disappears.

July 12, 2012 at 2:13 PM

Dear Chris,

the existence of God is proven by the Turing’s paradox: it simply states you can’t build a machine smarter than you. We humans are the product (or result) of an entity that is more intelligent than us. Now, it’s interesting to notice that the Singularity theory states the opposite: it foresees a moment, not too far, in which machines will finally outsmart human beings. The latter theory is much in fashion, today. No wonder, considering the media is now in the hands of Techno Geeks who are pushing for a new form of faith, where microchips supplant the macrocosm. But these notions have to be evaluated with a grain of salt. We are not talking about religion, here. The God we are talking about, in this case, is a metaphysical concept. Something we are too little to understand and even more so to explain.

Thanks for your contribution,

The Brandpowder Team

The running Greply
July 13, 2012 at 3:26 PM

When I decided to trigger the big bang and all the stuff that came as a consequence, I was sitting on a Charles Eams and wondering how should have managed this issue. Sipping my can of Coke and searching on my Apple on GGG.everything.GOD did help me to conclude that putting an R on all would be been quite boring and leave man with no options. So let’s give him his playground and see what can be accomplished. Then I put my Zegna on and drove my Audi for a spin through Cote D’Azur.

The running G

July 13, 2012 at 10:19 PM
– In reply to: The running G

So, you exist uh?
Thanks for giving us a sign.

The Brandpowder Team

The Running Greply
July 13, 2012 at 4:16 PM


July 15, 2012 at 6:16 AM

aiyaiyay! my mind is officially blown. the visual demonstration makes it so real.
my father’s a copywright lawyer–i’ll have to show this to him 😉

July 15, 2012 at 8:54 AM
– In reply to: laranasser

Thank you Lara,

we hope your father is not going to sue Our Lord for this.
Thank you for paying us a visit. keep in touch!

The brandpowder Team

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