We recently sent these proposals to Martini and we are now waiting for an answer. Fingers crossed, guys! Global warming is not considered by the majority of us as an urgent problem. If you look at the 150 things the world’s smartest people are afraid of, you’ll discover that none of them mentions global warming and ten of them even sustain that what worries them more is ‘the fact we all worry too much’. Good point. Problem is, due to increased solar activity, the temperature keeps rising and the polar cap is melting. We are convinced it’s impossible to raise people’s awareness by saying the sea level will rise 20 inches within 2050. We believe communication should be more trivial, making people concerned about losing things they give for granted. Simple things which are part of everyday’s life.

This could be a great opportunity for a brand like Martini, also in occasion of its 150th birthday. Ice, after all, is vital to their drinks as it is to polar bears. Why not promoting a social activity with a little fund-raising in order to protect these beautiful, majestic animals? People would be more than happy to spend an extra dollar for their drinks, knowing it’s for a good cause. The Brandpowder Team would be happy, as well, to give this idea for free as a personal contribution to the project.We love polar bears and we love Martini drinks, and we would be honored to do our share to preserve this lovely planet. Don’t you think thiscould be a n-ice idea?

Footnote: we picked these images on the web. We tried to get in touch with their authors. The only credit we could find out is about a photo by Mr Jim Brandenburg (third picture from top, the one with the arctic wolf) published by Life and National Geographic. It’s not our intention, whatsoever, to use any them. Our work is based on experiments and creative speculation without commercial application. We wish to thank their authors, anyways, for the beautiful images.


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