Who said jewellery is for women only? In a equal rights society also men should look handsome and intriguing and with that extra touch of  “look-at-me-I’m-marvellous” sort of glam. It took ten years of efforts and two million dollars  to come up with the first prototype of men’s earrings. Today they are a marketable reality. The collection of fashion accessories has been developed and designed by Brandpowder ® Team. The firm, probably the most discussed abstract-brand of the moment, is now introducing “I’M ALL EARS”, a fantastic interpretation of metal earrings.

According to Carlo Muttoni (above) Brandpowder ® CEO and project leader, the gigantic size of these pieces came with two goals in mind: the first was to create something so eye-catching to be impossible to miss, the second was to give aesthetics a technical advantage. “I’M ALL EARS” earrings are shaped like powerful antennas that let you hear even the faintest whisper from as far as five miles away. “The idea behind is brilliant,” said Monica Turlot, who recently joined Brandpowder® as senior executive PR “. These earrings are the perfect gift for anyone who love gossip.” Pre-orders started even before the end of the presentation at the Golden Palace, last Saturday. The event, held for a limited number of special guests, was opened to the Press and public the following day at the Isabella Lake Jetty.

The price of a pair of “I’M ALL EARS” can vary from 50,000 up to 300,000 dollars, according to the size, weight, material or the optional tripod you might want to add to the shopping list. Every piece is built on demand and, when asked how long does it take to get a pair of earrings, John Kenneth, marketing manager and former surf champion, smiled and said: ” Less than a ear.”




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