What happens if the mavericks of fashion find an agreement with the Cirkus freaks? What you see here is a possible scenario. A poster campaign in praise of the brand, where wild animals warn you against fake Louis Vuitton or the usual illegal Dior crap you find at street corners. This could work so well. People love Circus, and its atmosphere would contribute to the brands’ revamp. Why fashion is dumb like Dumbo? Why don’t they adopt these language?

The liasion between the two partners could be reversed, of course: the freaks of fashion in defense of the maverick of Cirkus! Picture this: no more doped, tooth-blunted tigers in the cage. Only wild animals, with a particular appetite for the tamer. Let the children have fun watching the poor man being eaten alive by lions or crushed by the foot of elephants in musk. This would be so instructive about the real food chain in Nature. Men, after all, are fashionable snacks.

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