How do you build your visual culture? By accumulation or filtration? Do you  stick to the stack or you simply wander with wonder? Are you voracious and feed your heart through your eyes, or viceversa? Are you scared by the mind-numbing explosion of images, blogged and reblogged in a disorienting game of mirrors? Because I am. I took these pictures with my old Hasselblad at home. I was fascinated by the idea of photographing, instead of fashion, the receptacle of it. And for a second I felt the power of shooting at printed paper, already planning to develop my pictures and print them on wide matt sheets and then shooting again at them with my other camera (a sturdy Lumix with good Leica lenses) and finally transfering the whole thing on my computer for some filtering and post-production. Just to get the right effect. What you see is the digital image of a picture of a picture of a stack of pictures. Our ladder of perception is more and more indirect: we feed on a multi-layered cake whose ingredients are unknown to us. No direct experience and knowledge. Only reflections. My work reflects a moment in time, it doesn’t pretend to be art (for whatever that word means to any of us) and it’s far from being an intellectual sort of operation. It’s just BRANDPOWDER.

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