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The invention may sound like a joke. If you type ‘dehydrated water’ on Google, you’ll see there have been several attempts to freeze-dry the liquid in the past, mainly to solve the weighty problem of water’s long distance transportation. Unfortunately, none of them were successful. Brandpowder took up the challenge two years ago, and finally found a solution. Our Creative Team started from a basic consideration. The point is simple: when you dehydrate water you are left with nothing, right? So, why not just inventing a product with nothing inside? The Dehydrated Water was born. It took us six months to design a logo, a proper packaging and a communication strategy for its launch. The advantage of our Dehydrated Water is evident: consumers don’t have to pay for the product, because this is a non-product. They just pay for the extra costs, namely the idea, design and advertising of it. This bring us to our second, more important point, which is a reflection on the value and price of things. Dehydrated Water reverses the paradigm: instead of paying for the simple quality and substance of a product – free from the burden of evocative design, sexy advertising and extra costs, you just pay for the ephemeral skin, the rich void.

You can look at it as a liquid provocation to consumerism: we buy useless things as if essential to our survival. Even water, a symbol of our most basic need, can be transformed into a marketing experiment.

Above: packaging and ads for the launch of Dehydrated Water. More than 50,000 boxes of DW have been sold worldwide, so far. In a spoiled society, the superfluous items turn out to be the most necessary ones. Is it a sign of our decadence?  Join the discussion and drop us a line.


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June 29, 2012 at 7:14 AM

I plaude for the invention. This is a breakthrough for me as I ride my camel through the desert and for rmy camel especially as less weight is needed from oasis to oasis. I have been working for years in improving my camel speed either by shaving its fur or shaping its legs and putting Nike shoes for better cushion but no matter what water weight did vanish all the effort. Now thanks to your brilliant idea I will be lighter and faster. Thinking ahead I would like to propose the dehydrated sweat. Instead of smelling my awful odor from my feet and arms I was thinking to dry it up and pour water on my body at the oasis. The advantage would to get the smell and the sense of fatigue but at the time when you can get a shower . Shower to be taken with dehydrated water of course.

June 29, 2012 at 9:07 AM
– In reply to: RunningCamel

Thank you RunningCamel,

your contribution to the cause is brilliant. Dehydrated sweat, kept inside a precious crystal bottle, would make it for a perfect Christmas gift to people we are really close to. They could retain your smell and get a sniff anytime they miss you. A much more human present in place of a banal french parfume which – let’s face it – is the usual flamboyant bunch of flowers and exotic spices we are all sick of. Keep posting your ideas and please accept a honorary place among our contributors. Pure genius!

The Breandpowder Team

June 29, 2012 at 9:58 AM
– In reply to: carlo

Thanks for your prompt reply. Sweat Scent is a byproduct that indeed needs to be considered for other joy and not simply inside our own desire of smelling at us. I would like to add ‘Vart’ as a possible addition to Scent line of product. Vart stands for Vaporized Fart and you can get it to life by spreading some dehyrated water. The Running Camel

June 29, 2012 at 1:23 PM
– In reply to: TheRunningCamel

Dear RunningCamel,

the Vart brings us to the fartwind project (presented by our studio a year ago) which contemplated the idea of transforming the blasting power plus chemicals of intestinal air into a source of useful energy. We may consder to add up this app of yours to our invention and recognize you some royalties.

Thank you so much for your support and fresh enthusiasm.

The Brandpowder Team

June 29, 2012 at 1:34 PM
– In reply to: carlo

Great ! Then I would like to invite the brandpowder team to the next Aligning Planets Worldwide Conference which will be held in ScoreCity , Merdyland, USA the next 15th of August. Delegates across the world will attend and present their studies and findings on how effective FartVector teamwork can influence planets displacement and create propelling energy if properly ingnited.

June 29, 2012 at 2:01 PM
– In reply to: TheRunningCamel

How did you know we were going to attend the A.P.W.C.? We’ll camp with our mobile unit (look for the rusty Volkswagen truck) just outside Score City, at Underwear Tyre Burn Campground, from Monday 13th ’till the end of the Summit. See you there!
The Brandpowder Team

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