Life is short. Just four letters. The question is: why don’t we see more shorts around? Shorts are ecological: they need less fabrics. Take jeans, for instance: out of a pair of jeans you can obtain three pair of shorts. Or a pair of shorts plus a shirt, or two shorts plus a bikini, one handkerchief and a tie. Now, even if we agree a denim hankerchief is not gentle to your nose, still there is a great potential. Why the fashion industry doesn’t recycle old pants to make shorts and other things? Shorts are sexy, legs get tanned, and skin breathes more naturally.

This short(s) collection of pictures is a test on lettering and colors with a nostalgic look. Vintage, by definition, is ecological. As it is memory, past and handbrakes. Whatever looks back is against fast consumerism, fast food and fast pace.

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