Fashion is too fast and way too voracious, for what I can see. Images from the best photographers appear on the glossy pages of thousands magazines for a blink of an eye – or as fast as the shutter’s speed capturing their light – and disappear. The process is frightening. It’s like setting up a table of delicious food you’ll never have the chance to taste, not to mention to eat. The result of such over-production of images is UNCONSUMED BEAUTY.

Brandpowder‘s mission is to rummage in the dustbin of discarded goods, recuperate that beauty and, possibly, give aesthetics a new life. Over-production, as you see it, as well in every blog (including this one) causes a multi-layered accumulation, a sort of geologic stratification of contents where every new thing suffocates the preceeding one. This process is unforgivable. It doesn’t matter if something is beautiful, inspiring, important. The Law of the New is a cruel imperative that crushes everything on its way, in the foolish assumption that the better has yet to come.

Brandpowder is based on the Ecology of Beauty. I work with a camera: I take pictures of pictures which I then manipulate – both physically and digitally – in search of a deeper understanding. The images I create don’t want to be a simple tribute to the masters (I started from the work of Steven Meisel, Camilla Akrans, Tim Walker, Bruce Weber and many others) but a sort of meditation on what we swallow without tasting it. Beauty needs time to be fully enjoyed. And there is one thing that our crazy-paced society lost on its way to an always better future: CONTEMPLATION.

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