Brandpowder was commissioned by the Alter Port Authority a poster celebrating all types of ships that cruised around Chesapeake Bay during the last 100 years. The US maritime history is a glorious one and its literature, from warships to fishing boats, is deeper than the ocean floor. We were excited and we put our hands on every book about whatever floated or sinked in the Atlantic waters in the last four hundred years. We found out the visual reference is so rich that, in the end, we decided the world didn’t need another naval poster. We went for something different instead, inventing a ship-list of today’s myths. When we presented our poster of metaphors, the A.P.A. was puzzled, perhaps intrigued, but they rejected our proposal. It was not an easy decision, for them. They liked the intention, but the creative proposal was far out of brief. We publish it for the benefit of our community. We can send a high-resolution poster to anyone who drops us a note. You folks can have it printed at your local shop, you frame it and then hang it on your wall. Alternatively, you can fold it like a paper boat and christen it with your name.

Happy Cruising by the Brandpowder Team.

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